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Our services include but are not limited to the following:
-Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets and Other Types of Cabinets-
- Glazing-
- Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting (Solid Color)- 
- changing Stain Color-
- Recondition Kitchen Cabinets-
- Kitchen Cabinet Surface Restoration-
- Refinishing and Re-Staining in New Color-
- Touch-Up and restore Existing Color-
- Hardware and Adjustments-
- Surface Repairs-

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Refinishing means removing the topmost finish (clear-coat) and any color or underlying stain. Then a new stain-color and finish clear-coats are applied in the sheen or gloss you prefer.

Refinishing should not be confused with "refacing". Refacing is the replacement of the cabinets doors, drawers (fronts) and covering boxes (see below). 

Other processes, however, may also be classified under cabinet surface 'finish work'. These include: reconditioning, resurfacing, restoring and painting. You may choose to have only damaged surface sections repaired and reconditioned, blended-in and finished.

'Touch-up' is defined as matching small surface imperfections to the surrounding surface. 
Reconditioning or restoring are the same. Essentially with these, any surface damages are repaired color problems corrected and then a new clear finish is applied in the proper luster. 
With any surface work you may also have the existing hardware, handle-pulls and hinges repolished. Or replace them with your own new ones or choose from our selections. Doors are remounted and drawers installed and all adjusted for proper operation. Any faulty parts such as drawer slides or door closures, magnets, rollers, etc., are replaced. You can have minor structural adjustments or alterations made, and durable repairs on cracked wood or broken edges.


Painting cabinets is another economical choice offered. Painting, covering-over with an opaque (non-transparent) solid-color finish. Generally, painting is not advised for hiding good resorable grain cabinet wood. For these woods, staining (refinishing) is recommended.  However, if you prefer the solid-color paint 'look', we can professionally spray-paint your cabinets in any color choice. Spraying produces a smooth, quality surface without unsightly paint-brush marks. Professional spray-painting costs more than "brush" painting, but is the preferred quality choice for a "new" look. 

If you are planning on changing the countertop, this would be done after completion of the cabinets. Countertop installers lift-off the existing countertop and replace it, generally in about a half-a-day or so. We offer other helpful cost-saving info and sources for your kitchen project. 


Replacement involves changing everything including sink, countertop and all of the cabinets.  Cabinet replacement is a very disruptive process but offers the advantage of you being able to add new features and to change the style and layout of the cabinets. Cost is the limiting factor with the "average" kitchen cabinet replacement alone "costing to $15,000 or more" according to consumer surveys of the actual final price paid for all labor and materials. Price increases substantially for better quality replacement cabinets.


  • Low disruption and a short time to complete.

  • The finish dries in minutes little or no odor. Done any season of the year.

  • NO dust, dirt or residues through-out your home.

  • Handles & hinges cleaned and polished or change to new.

  • Any surface damages repaired and operations adjusted.

  • Save time, Save money and get the fine quality of proven, hands-on experience. Refinishing cabinets. Since 1966.

  • Ask about our EXCLUSIVE 5 YR limited WARRANTY