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What is kitchen cabinet refinishing?​​

What about cabinet replacing?

Cabinet refinishing is removing color or stain of the cabinets and replacing with new color of your choice. Processes such as refacing or stucture work are not refinishing. These are best classified under "cabinet making".
This means, of course, the complete replacement of all the cabinets including
boxes (part mounted on the walls) doors & drawers and countertops.

What is cabinet refacing?

What is cabinet reconditioning, restoration, resurfacing, recoating?

These terms are sometimes used in-place of "refinishing," as these processes have similarities to refinishing. The difference is that all of existing finish / color may not be removed as in refinishing. Rather, finish color / damage is repaired, or color toning improvements are made and final new clear-coats applied. The cabinets can look like new. "Recoating" is the application of a new topcoat over the existing finish. The term "resurfacing" is a vague, wider description, and may be used for ANY type of surface improvement.
Cabinet refacing is the replacement of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts in wood or laminate products. The cabinet boxes are then layered-over with a stick-on wood veneer or product to match the doors and drawers.

What is cabinet touch-up?

Touch-up refers to matching the color and sheen of a small area of defect to the surrounding surface.